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50,000-plus retail investors will be affected if Hyflux is to go under , don't play
Stock fell from $2+ to 20cts.

These investors already lost 90+%.
they had years to exit the stock but did's like slowly boiling the frog.
doesnt matter if hyflux bankrupt or not.

In 2016 I warned that hyflux will collapse due to negative cash flow..Olivia was poster child for business success

I reminded people to get out end is near

I also wrote why people should buy OKP despite the company being charged in court for the collapsed viaduct and barred from govt contract. Many people reading the news will dump their stock in the company but I am buying. The company founders are endless maligned over safety records....but you should buy.

Investors should also buy Top Glove despite price already doubled and court case involving the company overpaying for an acquisition...this has caused the stock to be dumped recently creating buying opportunity.

Those who want to invest longer term should learn to read the accounts and know financial modelling. They lose because they act on headline news. it is not how the car looks on the outside that matters but what is below the hoods....the engine. The car can be dented on outside but engine is still fine. The car can be perfect on outside but engine already going down hill.

Back to hyflux. The problem with hyflux is not just hyflux .but if you go to my orginal hyflux systemic risk due to poor governance and high debts of Singapore corporations....Singapore has highest rate of failures among listed companies even compared to developing and 3rd world countries. The "good governance " in sg is just a facade due to arrogance and complacency a lot of things in sg is like the that. ..same as the smrt. ..
I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I will do my utmost to keep them alive.
Against tyrants and adversity, I will strive.
Together, a better future, we will realise......

Will go under, unless a miracle.

Singapore need desal water but operating desal water plant doesn't need Hyflux
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