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Australia in the New Asia...Without America
Nov 2017 By Hugh White -
Hugh White is a professor of strategic studies at ANU and a visiting fellow at the Lowy Institute.

For almost a decade now, the world’s two most powerful countries have been competing over which of them will dominate the world’s most important and dynamic region...

How the contest will proceed – whether peacefully or violently, quickly or slowly – is still uncertain, but the most likely outcome is now becoming clear. America will lose, and China will win. America will cease to play a major strategic role in Asia, and China will take its place as the dominant power

We (Australian) have been happy to get rich off China’s growth, confident that America can shield us from China’s power. Now it is clear that confidence has been misplaced; we need to start thinking for ourselves about how to make our way and hold our corner in an Asia dominated by China....

"We've got friendly neighbors? Grow up!" - LKY
Now, remember this 2017 ST article by ex-LKYSPP dean that apparently pissed off Ah Loong and few of his die-hard minions ?

Qatar: Big lessons from a small country
...Mr Lee Kuan Yew never acted as a leader of a small state. He would comment openly and liberally on great powers, including America and Russia, China and India. However, he had earned the right to do so because the great powers treated him with great respect as a global statesman. We are now in the post-Lee Kuan Yew era. Sadly, we will probably never again have another globally respected statesman like Mr Lee. As a result, we should change our behaviour significantly.

What's the first thing we should do? Exercise discretion. We should be very restrained in commenting on matters involving great powers.
"We've got friendly neighbors? Grow up!" - LKY
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Guess the white fuggs will become the traxhes of the world
Within that context, when do you expect a candidate with non-European descent be elected as the PM of Australia ?

That is the crux of the matter which also influence the prejudicial attitude of Canberra has towards the return of an East Asian power vs a distant Anglo-Saxon global power - why Australia consider China a "threat" when America itself had dropped more bombs in Asia than any other country since WW2 ?

Left over unexploded (an defused) bombs dropped by US bombers in Laos since Vietnam war.
[Image: laos-bombs-mark-watson-2.jpg]

"We've got friendly neighbors? Grow up!" - LKY
Malcolm Turnbull thinks that Australia is very big!

But actually , in terms of population, it's even smaller than Shanghai!

The population of Australia is 24,649,322 as of Tuesday, February 13, 2018, based on the latest United Nations estimates.
Fake news found :

SgTalk allows the use of FAKE news as signature! thumbs up

30-6-2017 6:44 AM
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He is using the signature to state his belief. Not neccesarily based on fact

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