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Billionaire President : Donald Trump -- Good or Bad for the world?
7 hours ago
curtin said:
Is the world getting more messy with Trump as President of USA?

Trump could also be the one to end all these messiness with a world war....Laughing


Trump returns to usual style at CPAC with boastful and divisive speech

The president abandoned the sombre stance of this week and hurled insults, told jokes and bragged about the best start to any presidency
Morale of the story ...

property price across the world and the raw material in home-building or BOM have to come down.

CME and NYSE ... all the stock exchanges have to lower down the steel price, cement price, sand price, copper ... wiring ... and land price & etc ... all have to come back down to the reasonable price in order to provide affordable home price to the mass public and eradicate the world poverty rate accordingly.

Taxes also have to come back down.

7% to 9% GST on real estate is deadly .... and too commercialize.


Thus far, what policy has NOT the government effectively implemented and achieved the targeted results ?

1.) Property price reduction to affordable to the majority 80%.

2.) US has NOT managed to reduce their nation debts or GDP size ... over 3 decades since the inception of Credit Cards spending in 1970's.

3.) Why EU28 nations and UK could allow to purchase US Treasury Bonds ?
Is not EU28 and UK have $30 Trillion and $10 Trillion nation debts respectively to reduce and repay ?

Ireland is 1 of the PIIGS members which has huge Debt but had purchased $325 billion US Treasury Bonds.

In the meantime, ECB has been QE'ing since March 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 ... non-stop to increase EUR liquidity together with Negative Interest Rate Program.

If US can implement ZIRP, Zero % Interest Rate Program,
ECB can implement Negative Interest Rate Program,

They can also implement Negative GDP program to reduce and repay their debts.

GDP = Debt

-VE GDP = - VE Debt [ means reducing their nation's debt ]
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