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Billionaire President : Donald Trump with more trouble ahead?
25-5-2018 6:20 PM
maipenrai said:
Only about 50% of the eligible voters voted in election.

With such a controversial president, I believe the voters turnout will be higher.
If the higher voters turnout is against Trump, then America still got hope.
If it is for Trump, then America hopeless leow.

I agree with your views........

The Chilling Effect of Trump’s War on the FBI

As the president ramps up his attacks on the law-enforcement and intelligence communities, long-standing damage to key agencies seems inevitable.

[Image: lead_960_540.jpg?1527194943]

President Trump spent his early Wednesday morning, as he does many mornings, on Twitter. This time, he chose to weigh in on the “Criminal Deep State” and the claims that it embedded a spy in his presidential campaign as part of the federal investigation into Russia’s election interference.

“They go after Phony Collusion with Russia, a made up Scam, and end up getting caught in a major SPY scandal the likes of which this country may never have seen before!” he wrote.

Much has been written in recent days about Trump’s “new” strategy to discredit the Russia investigation. The president has been attacking both the investigators in the Russia probe and the news organizations that cover the investigation, all in an attempt to persuade the public that the probe has been tainted by bias from the start. ....

Trump makes it easier to fire poor-performing federal workers

President Trump on Friday signed three executive orders overhauling the federal bureaucracy, including an order that makes it easier to fire federal workers for misconduct.

“To empower our civil servants to best help others, the government must always operate more efficiently and more securely,” the president said in a statement.

The White House said Trump, who famously promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington while running for president, signed the three orders Friday afternoon.

The first executive order aims to strengthen accountability for federal employees and makes it easier to fire poor performers in the federal government.

The second executive order creates a federal labor relations working group to analyze union contracts with the federal government. It also makes it harder to pay federal unions to appeal firings and to lobby Congress.

The third executive order, focused on federal unions, is aimed at reducing waste and expenditures and requires federal employees to spend at least 75 percent of their time working on the job they were hired to do, as opposed to working on federal union work. It will also allow the federal government to start charging unions for office space in federal buildings.

Key US allies 'perplexed' as Trump treats friends like enemies

President Donald Trump's decision to cancel his historic meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un left South Korea's President "perplexed" and sparked angry protests in Seoul. One sign read: "We condemn Trump."

Welcome to life these days as a close US ally.

'We're dragging you along'

"Trump's relationships with allies are preternaturally different than any other administration we've had," said Aaron David Miller, a senior vice president at the Wilson Center.

The threats to sanction allies aren't so much a case of "if you're not with us, you're against us," said Suzanne Maloney, deputy director of the foreign policy program at the Brookings Institution. "This is the administration saying, 'You're with us, even if you don't want to be with us. We're dragging you along.' "

Is President Donald Trump Running The Country Or Producing A Show? | The Last Word | MSNBC

Trump's nuclear failures from Iran to North Korea

In just over a year, Donald Trump has managed to nudge the world closer to conflict on both ends of the Asian continent.
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