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China is miles ahead of Singapore in MRT, LRT, etc

中國已經招募數千烏克蘭軍工專家舉家赴華!! 俄稱已輸掉競爭!

9-10-2017 8:08 PM
tester said:
The problems seems to be maintenance related.
Does the builder do maintenance?

The patience for them to fix these problems have run out long ago.
The builder has the blueprint of the hardware and software. They do not do maintenance but if the problem is due to more than poor maintenance, then it would be beyond the maintenance staff's ability/knowledge to solve it.

This recent incident is now found to be caused a faulty pump which failed to [email protected] the water out as it ought to have, which points to something very seriously wrong with the maintenance department's SOP.

A pump which does not work is like a fire extinguisher which looks pretty hanging on the wall at a corridor but when there is a fire, it does not work at all when someone uses it.

Anyway, I am referring to all previous problems combined where train services were interrupted. Is there a possibility that the problem with the MRT is much more serious than mere maintenance slack...but it could of course be due to age and wear and tear. And I repeat....I don't know, I am not a technical man and above all, not in MRT construction and turnkey business. Embarrassed
8-10-2017 2:18 PM
afktan said:
Long post but still only one source to prove that China has ONE superior product. Where is the evidence that says China has leadership in any other technology. You expect anyone to believe that China has superior space/military tech when China hasn't even sent one person to the moon and they had to buy an ex-soviet carrier to build liaoning? You must have been watching too much Chinese propaganda. Laughing

What kind of proof do you want? Its literally self evident. I don't know about you but 99% of the components in my 3k PC are designed by US/European companies, nearly everything else in my home was made with US/European/Japanese technology too. This probably applies to you as well and the irony is you are likely using a device with non-Chinese tech to write these posts.

WTF,you time travel?
8-10-2017 2:33 PM
afktan said:
Lmfao. Safety is more important than max speed when it comes to HSR duh. All the super high top speed is useless when you crash and burn and people die (like the 2011 incident), China's HSR doesn't run at anywhere near its max speed anyway, they reduced the speed cap and its average speed is not any faster than most modern HSRs.

In any case China's HSR isn't using any new tech, its just a slightly improved version of maglev, which is a pretty old tech. The new tech for transport thats currently being researched is hyperloop, that will be a significant breakthru if we get there.

Japanese HSR run at top speed daily? They will be bankrupt.
Kurusamy says:

India makes the best trains.
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