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India can't break free on mutual benefits for win-win relationship with neighbors.
13-1-2018 12:16 AM
SuperiorMover said:
India has been bullying those smaller nations such Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Seri Langka etc.

The new Nepal gov wanted to befriend China as India always views neighbors' relation as zero-sum game. India sees Nepal wanted to have beneficial relation with China as being unfriendly to India even China has always invited India to develop OBOR for win-win relationship together.

But India would just want to be hostile to such proposal. India views Nepal relationship with China as a major earthquake for India and can't accept as for win-win mutual benefits.
 尼泊尔亲华派上台 印度感觉相当于一次"政治地震"

Even Modi himself is a bloody killer and wanted by CIA.
[Image: laughing.gif] [Image: laughing.gif] [Image: laughing.gif]
Fake news found :

SgTalk allows the use of FAKE news as signature! thumbs up

30-6-2017 6:44 AM
tester said:
He is using the signature to state his belief. Not neccesarily based on fact

13-1-2018 9:41 AM
Baylo said:

India has bullied Singapore via CECA in the last 10 years. Their continuous imports of goods and humans under this Agreement has put SG at a disadvantage and replacing us in our jobs!

India should Get Lost.

[Image: angry.gif]

Seems like India is now trying to con other Asean nations to open their floodgate for Indians to enter.

Enhanced India-ASEAN Collaboration an Attempt to Checkmate China - Diplomat
Quote:Connectivity is another area where India can increase people to people contact. Further, cultural diplomacy is yet another area which will bring South East Asian countries much closer to India due to cultural similarities," Ashok Sajjanhar, former Indian Ambassador to Sweden told Sputnik.

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