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Linggiu reservoir may completely dry out , please use water sparingly
11-1-2017 11:19 PM
Cory said:
If you have nothing to add please do not bark ...

Totally agree. His brain is empty but trying very hard to seek attention thumbs up
12-1-2017 3:13 AM
STUKA76 said:
If u are too dumb, dun post

You are useless and good for nothing, that's what your parents said to you. When are you going to wake up your idea? 41 years old still behaving like this? What a shame man...
All new building projects have an underground rainwater retention tank. This is to address the problem we had for the world famous Orchard Road ponding a couple years ago.

Should look into how to channel the collected rainwater to better use rather than discharge to open water channels after the heavy rain have subsided.

Only got to think of an innovative way to clear the tank fasterer before the next heavy downpour comes while the tank are full (if we are thinking of holding the rainwater for longer period).

Why do we have to teach our millions mini stars all these things?
10-1-2017 7:09 PM
Oneworld said:
They won't dig istana ..they rather dig your backyard thumbs up

There are no more backyards left in Singapore
Everything from backyards to backsides all belong to PAP and the "meritocracy"
12-1-2017 8:17 AM
Papertiger said:
There are no more backyards left in Singapore
Everything from backyards and backsides all belong to PAP and the "meritocracy"

Aiyah. My smelly B-side also belong to PAP? Can I send my daily kitchen garbage to Istana? They can have it free.
FWs are NOT FTs. Time for PAP to reduce 5% FTs that is overdue for 10 years.
11-1-2017 7:40 PM
qiqiha said:
Linggui Reservoir also becomes China issue?


With you and you clones around, it has to be Rolling on the flor laughing
11-1-2017 11:11 AM
STUKA76 said:
Actually can distilled sea water easily at individual level, no need hyflux hi tech stuff

All u need is lots of sunlight n the right equipment

You are a selfish retarded blind useless dog of 2 cheap dog

We are industrialised nation. We need water for the manufacturing plant. Not just for you kampong

You can use sunlight or watever containers to collect rain water till the cow come home Laughing
Relax man. He comes from PRC. Need to understand his background to know his thinking. He still new to HDB and Condo lah. Maybe he in bungalow.
Beware of PRC 50 cents in the Forum that undermine Singapore Sovereignty


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