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MSM is no longer producing journalistic news
Trump Supporters On Reddit Are Mailing Salt To The New York Times!
Fake News: CNN Admits It Aired Pornography for 30 Minutes on Thanksgiving Day

CNN getting desperate with less audience. Now, try to play with words like "accidentally" and "falsely"

Late Thursday evening on Thanksgiving, a Twitter user in the Boston area reported that CNN was airing hardcore pornography for 30 minutes through local provider RCN. The original report on those Tweets surfaced in The Independent, a leading left-of-center newspaper based in the United Kingdom. From there, the story spread like wildfire to many other media outlets including Variety magazine, the U.K. Daily Mail, the New York Post, Esquire magazine and Mashable, among others.
Corrupt MSM says President-Elect Trump is not allowed to speak w/ Taiwan because Communist China says so at it is politically not correct! The media now is freaking out because Trump spoke to a democratically elected leader, and this might offend a dictatorship. MSM said it's OK for Obama to give 500 billion dollars to Iran but Trump cannot accept a congratulatory call from Taiwan! The fact is China does NOT tell US what to do! Wait till Trump unwind the policies of the policies of Bush/Obama of treacherous Hussein Obama, China will be hard hit.

Yet there still many RETARDS still reading and quoting the MSM!
Only need to control 25 of the top MSM to influence politics in USA and the world.

Go to 1:16:28

"If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you do, you're misinformed."

MSM nowadays produces FAKE news.
MSM now famous for producing FAKE news. Not only US Obama create fake news to mislead, UN also create fake new to drum up support.

[Image: Cx9QaFdUoAAd5jS.jpg]
[Image: Czj1M3bWEAEoqg0.jpg]
No. 1 fake news creator call Chief LIAR:

[Image: CvPx3LvUkAAqEIE.jpg]
Trump Bans Access To Atlantic Big Media Outlet After Reporter's Disgusting Tweet.
Won't miss anything even if you don't read the MSM for weeks. All they produce is distorted, slanderous and FAKE news.

Across all their platforms, the MSM launched a crusade to normalize the idea of "faithless electors," to justify the idea that it would be brave and noble and American and small-D democratic for 37 electors to flip and stop Trump from becoming president. And all of this was back-filled with relentless lies meant to justify that flip, lies about how Hillary was cheated by "fake news" and FBI director James Comey and the election being hacked by the Russians and, "Come on, guys, she won the popular vote."

And after two weeks of this relentless 24/7 propaganda campaign, what was the result?

It was Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump who set a 119-year record for faithless electors. While she won 232 electoral votes on Election Night, officially Ms. Sniper Fire lost 5 of those electoral votes on Monday, due to faithless electors who broke ranks and voted for someone else, including Republican Colin Powell. Unofficially, Hillary lost a total of 8 electors, but 3 were overruled by their respective states and not allowed to bolt.

Trump lost only two electoral votes due to faithless electors in Texas.
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