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MSM is no longer producing journalistic news
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18-10-2016 12:46 AM
ahnya said:
In my opinion Fox seems to be quite pro Trump.

Lately, more neutral in their news reporting compare during the primary election but sometimes still stab Trump indirectly. Got a handful of strong Trump supporters in FOX.
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Megyn Kelly on Fox News plummeted to a dismal 5th place. Along with her obssessive hate for Trump, Kelly may not admit it openly, but is clearly a Hillary fan and uses the same type of insulting verbiage to attack Trump supporters as Clinton did when she called us a “Basket of Deplorables”. She can join CNN.
Journalists Dined at Top Clinton Staffers’ Homes Days Before Hillary’s Campaign Launch

Several top "journalists" and TV news anchors RSVPed “yes” to attend a private, off-the-record gathering at the New York home of Joel Benenson, the chief campaign strategist for Hillary Clinton, two days before she announced her candidacy in 2015, according to emails Wikileaks has published from John Podesta’s purported accounts.

They call themselves journalists or reporters but they are actually propagandists for the corrupt and crooked Government to mislead the public.

[Image: news-anchors-hillary-clinton-meeting-640x480.jpg]

Full list of so called journalists at:
The MSM is the water in the swamp.

The mainstream media doesn't want you to know. Not many honest journalists around under evil, corrupted and crooked Hussein Obama. The MSM got bot off using the QE from the Fed Res. The system and market are all RIGGED.

@seanhannity at FOX top the list of honest reporting

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Why do people support Trump? "He's destroying the media and the establishment all together"

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The Illuminati's MSM help to elect the puppet US President come every election. Whether the Republican or Democratic nominee is elected, it does not matter if it is Illuminati choice. But if an outsider like Trump is the nominee, the Illuminati's MSM will go all out to destroy his credibility. It is near impossible for an Independent to become US President as it costs some $1 billion to conduct an election campaign for US President not only against the Illuminati's nominee but their MSM. The US now is so evil, crooked and corrupted and it will soon become a 3rd world country unless a billionaire can stand up to reverse the downtrend.

Nov 2016 is USA last chance. If Trump loses, the days of US super power status will over within 10 years. US will have to resort to nuclear war with China and/or Russia.

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MSM *Breaking News*

The Russians are attempting to rig the US election by exposing how the US MSM rigs the US election
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