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Middle East n Persia endless war
13-3-2018 12:52 PM
teeth53 said:

The reports confirming, YPG is preparing to hand over the town of Manbij to Syria army (SAA) opening a huge battle front in Manbij countryside against a stronger Turk's n Turkish backed Syria rebel forces. (East Euphrates terror units). SDF/YPG in eastern euphrates is the main fighting force, 10x stronger than in Afrin canton.

Like i said in my last post, Syrians will take the initiative to recover every square inch of their territory, even if they risk having to fight big battles against whoever, be they Americans, Turks, French, Saudis, etc. 7 years of war hardened their resolve and they have gone past the point of fear.

For the Syrians, they are fighting a war of necessity to preserve sovereignty, with the international community large sympathetic with them.

For everyone else who is there uninvited, it will be a war of choice on the wrong side of international law.
Turkey is still a NATO Country now or a Russia Alliance.
Turkey also bought Russian S400 leh after 2 years back when Turkey shot down Russia SU 24 plane.

Turkey, Russia sign deal on supply of S-400 missiles

2015 Russian Sukhoi Su-24 shootdown

Turkey finally knows who is his real friend.

Why Suddenly enemy became good friend?
When you know the reason, it is quite interesting.
Ownself ?????? Ownself
The presence of Turkey in Syria is a long term threat to Syrian sovereignty. The Turks are not going to give up conquered Syrian territory. How do I know this? Look at Cyprus. The Turks been occupying there for ages, stubbornly.

Syria will have to smash the Turks one way or another, by the sheer force of their firepower accumulated in the last 7 years of war. How much firepower are we talking about? Heck of a lot. I will explain separately what the Syrian Army is capable of.

Take note that the Syrian Army is fundamentally a large armoured conventional army reborn under the fiery cauldron of guerrilla warfare fought by what the Russians call "the toughest terrorists" ever. Whereas, the Turkish army is a shadow of its former glory, after Erdoghan sacked 50% of its generals.

Turkish tank positioned on Turkish-Syrian border near Manbij

Turkey massive assault on Kurdish forces on the other side of the border with Syria - potentially putting it in direct conflict with its Nato ally, the United States.

This could become a significant new development in the Syrian battle n war against external forces occupying Syria land, which is now almost seven years old.

We've boiled down why it matters.

One can choose to read the short, medium or long story, either by themselves or one after the other by clicking on www.....?
12-3-2018 10:42 PM
bw2013 said:
I hope so. But the first reason why Syrian Army is not both feet in Afrin now shooting the Turks is because they are busy in the Southern frontlines. When they are done, the Kurds who are fellow Syrians will need to be rescued against the Turkish fracas. The second reason is to let the Kurds come to terms with the central Syrian government as their security guarantor, not the Americans with whom they are collaborating hand in gloves east of the Euphrates. This is a good move that let the Syrian army buy time and the Kurds to repent. The long term goal is to weaken American presence there by encouraging the Kurdish separatists to return to the folds of the central government.

The big fight against Turkey will be initiated by Syria, empowered by 7 years of war. This is the same strategy which the Syrian Army is taking in Manbij now regardless of American presence there, ie, to take the initiative to recover their territory even if they have to fight a big battle.

Between the Americans and the Turks in Syria, the Turks are more dangerous. The Americans are there for as long as the Kurds support them. But for the Turks, Syria is their backyard and was once theirs, in the Ottoman Empire, which President Erdoghan harks back to. He does have a very large political support base among his countrymen who would be sympathetic of a much bigger military adventure in Syria.
The Amerian are the biggest spoiler, next closely follow by Russia n NATO. Then others like Iran, Turkey, Syria. Then again we have others like Saudi, Israel, Egypt, ISIS, Hesbollah, Al-Qaeda, the Sunni vs Shia. Plus many many others militant grouping n many more others terrorist gang rouming around in persian, middle east n in all states having last three wording
, ending with a xxxXxxx.......tan behind. Sad
Pro-Assad forces shell Turk positions in northernSyria

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Pro-Syrian govt forces shelled Turkish positions in northern Syria on Wednesday in response to a Turkish air strike that killed five of their fighters, a pro-govt commander said.

The Shi’ite militia fighters used artillery to target the Turkish positions in the town of Marea, north of Aleppo, the commander told Reuters.

The Turkish air strike hit a checkpoint on the road to Afrin, where Turkey is waging an offensive against the Kurdish YPG militia, he said. Pro-government forces have sided with the YPG against Turkey in Afrin.
11-3-2018 5:11 PM
teeth53 said:
UK signed deals, announcing selling 48 Eurofighter Typhoon jets to Riyadh
Russia’s state-owned arms coy has reaped enormous profits from its support to Bashar al-Assad’s govt, Syria.

CEO of Rosoboronexport, Alexander Mikheev, said contracts in fifty-three countries worth approximately $15 billion. These contracts include new clients in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions, expanding the geographic scope of the Russian arms market. 

Russian President Putin’s aide for military and technical cooperation, Vladimir Kozhin, told Kommersant newspaper that Russia has entered into contracts or started “serious pre-contract work” in Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, and Niger.

Reason for this new-found interest in Russian weaponry? “It’s no wonder Middle Eastern countries want to buy Russian weapons that have proven to be effective,” Kozhin said. “The Syrian [civil] war, what is unfolding in Egypt, on the Sinai Peninsula, in Libya and neighboring countries is spurring on huge demand for modern weapons.”
13-3-2018 12:52 PM
teeth53 said:

The reports confirming, YPG is preparing to hand over the town of Manbij to Syria army (SAA) opening a huge battle front in Manbij countryside against a stronger Turk's n Turkish backed Syria rebel forces. (East Euphrates terror units). SDF/YPG in eastern euphrates is the main fighting force, 10x stronger than in Afrin canton.
Sources said Kurds militias were to deliver control over nine villages in Afrin to Syrian Army troops as Turk Army men and Ankara-backed militants were tightening noose on Kurdish-held lands in Northwestern Aleppo.

Sources said Kurd combatants are to hand over the villages of Kimar, al-Ziyarah, Borj al-Qas, Bashmara, Basoufan, Deir al-Jamal, Tal Raf'at, Kafr Naya, Ming airport and the village of Ming in Northern Aleppo to the Syrian Army troops after an agreement with Damascus govt.

Other sources said that the Kurdish-held villages have been handed over to the army.
Rex Tillerson; CIA Chief Pompeo to Replace Tillerson

His replacement, Pompeo, is known as a fierce critic of Iran nuclear deal.

U.S. President Donald Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson n Trump has nominated CIA Director Mike Pompeo to as America's new top diplomat.

Reuters reported that Tillerson learned his fired from Trump's Twitter announcement.
Turkey's Ottoman President Erdogan n US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson shake hands b4 [email protected] palace in Ankara, where Syria's Kurds Feel Betrayed.

One last acts of deposed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was to sign an agreement with [email protected] expense of Kurds

It would be hard to point to any noteworthy Mideast initiative or achievement by ousted U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The Kurds surely won’t have fond memories of the agreements he recently reached with Turkey, which were very loud trumpeted by Turkish media n news paper.
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