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More Young Folks Suffering From Mental Illness: A Personal Opinion
Last time when policemen wear shorts, nobody told you how to have mental illness or if it even existed - how do you even begin to have something that you don't know that you don't know?

Nowadays "medical" literature on the internet literally teaches you how to have a full blown mental illness, with details of what to feel, how to behave, and the whys (very important this self-justification/reinforcement) etc. And some of you guys still think you cannot be mind controlled. Truth is, it's happening all the time, subconsciously.
Falling in love with someone is indeed stress both mentally and physically.
it is just like a crush or infatuation in the beginning.
You dont know whether the other person likes you or not.
Lots of guessing, lots of "I think he/she...." lots of thinking....
Lots of waiting.....
Worst part is a one sided love....the whole world came crushing down on your head.
12-7-2018 5:21 AM
hfourhappy said:
Unable to find job

Stress mounting day by day.
Lost and panic.
Dazed and mentally stress out.

My problem old folks burden because those pioneers still living in their own dream thinking things still cheap as last time.
12-7-2018 8:52 AM
Cmpunk said:
My problem old folks burden because those pioneers still living in their own dream thinking things still cheap as last time.

Old people are like that.
Have to be patient with them.
12-7-2018 6:28 AM
hfourhappy said:
It might take months or even years to get over with it.
Depending on individual how one handle it.
With or without support of your close friends or family members.

hello can consolidate your thoughts and post everything at one go boh?

I think you are correct . I have this problem .

12-7-2018 8:02 AM
walaneh said:
walaneh! Big Grin
Bro, Cantonese said Fatt Chin Hon 發錢寒 lah! thumbs upWinking

Mind control. That's happening all over social media. And we are not even aware of it. Fake news for example. They sound so real, as to arouse emotions. sex desire another one. All the porns over the internet. Wise ones know not to indulge in them, but young minds are hard to control. Is like honey to them, and not knowing the blade below. Once addicted, it can destroy one's life.
天塌下来当被盖! Laughing
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