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Property will be depressed
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Today 12:06 AM
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Senator Elizabeth Warren questions Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf
at Banking Committee Hearing


Wall Streets would NOT change ... until everyone make them change !

The same is true with the existing nation's government and (former & present) politicians in many countries.

Housing crisis and bubbles ... not solve since 2007.
USD and EUR still overvalued and continue QE ...

Ownself-buy-Ownself ... products, debts, companies, new products and services, Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, ...

The same redundant gutless leaders are still sitting in the office.

Modern Enslavement government, governance, Corporate, Stock Exchange and Regulators, Policymakers ...

be that former or existing ... still ... the same ... Sycophants ... Yes-Men/Women.

Sleeping beside the switches and turned the world upside down.

A stock on NYSE when their share price is dropped below $1.00,

the company's stock would be DELISTED from NYSE. PERIOD !

Same for USD and EUR.

When you have over-spent credit cards and consistently increase Federal Government debt or Credit Card limit multiple times,

USD and EUR would be Delisted from the World Reserve Currency .... unless US Treasury and ECB could repay $10 Trillion each to their creditors in 3 months.

Otherwise, additional penalty fines and late-payments fee would be charged onto US and EU.

Interest rate would go to 21% or 29%.


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