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Singapore's 2nd Bank Robbery in the 21st Century

So hungry caucasian after losing all his money in the casino, decided to borrow some money from the bank. He must have done it the wrong way. The police are sniffing the rubbish bins for him, if the video is right. They probably know something about him there. Now, where are those well-trained sniffing dogs? Performing in the night safari? Oh...
ang mo message to pap

Still at large. Must be very smart guy
From what I read, the robber went into the bank and handed in a paper asking for money. The teller saw the note and handed the money over.

Why the teller did not notify the manager before handing the money over? If the teller were to tell the robber to hold on and she went over to ask her manager, the robber would have flee.

Which robber would be so stupid to stay at the counter and wait while the teller and the manager call the police.
Who wrote the bank protocol on robbery? There is a difference between a robber holding up a gun and a robber passing a piece of paper to ask for money.
Say the robber really have a gun. The teller had stepped away from the counter. The robber desperate and pull out the gun and shout robbery. The counter staff them hand the money over and the robber flee.

The result is the same. Money handed over but at least u establish there is a cause of concern for safety.

In the case without a weapon, then are the bank protocol too kiasi?
this is comical. Next time you can either present a cash cheque or just scribble a note with a sum and the word "Stick up", to withdraw money at StandChart. Cool . The teller is in for some grilling on suspicion of inside job liow.
Where are the security guards at that SCB branch, Holland village?
9-7-2016 9:17 AM
ZhuMingQiang said:
Where are the security guards at that SCB branch, Holland village?

No security guards lah...staffs are well trained to hand over $$$ during robbery dizzy ..
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