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Someone accidentally burn down neighbour flat by over-charging e-bike
A good lesson for us to learn.
It can happen to us if we also do the same thing.
Ownself ?????? Ownself
13-10-2017 9:34 AM
win said:
David was a big rat. Quietly eating in a holy hole.

walaneh! shock
No wonder so many problems lah! Angry
13-10-2017 9:10 AM
sgbuffett said:
this has nothing to do with person with e scooter.

1. All appliance has to fall under regulation and safety checks.

2. Authorities and to enforce checks regulation and lmeasures.

3. Consumers so long as they do not misuse the item cannot be blamed for regulatory failures.

If your rice cooker catch fire when cooking rice and burn your house down is it your fault? Of course not!

An e bike like a hand phone is meant to be charged. and built in circuitry has to be in place not to overcharge.

Your reasoning is flawed -

1. Anything outside the HDB unit is common property. Therefore the e-bicycle should not be left outside the house, let alone letting it power-charged, even for 1 second. The e-bicycle owner is liable for all damages to third parties.

2. The e-bicycle is parked in a non-designated place, in contrast to those bicycle lots provided by HDB at ground level. Therefore e-bicycle owner is in violation.

3. The e-bicycle owner is not allowed to use any power point purist the HDB unit for charging his e-bicycle. That tantamounts to utilities stealing. He is liable to be fined for illegal use of power supplies.

4. If the e-bicycle is not LTA approved or fitted with approved rechargeable batteries, he should be fined for the violation.

In conclusion, the e-bicycle owner is liable for all compensations and fines for his actions.
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