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The Pride’s Hero of the Year
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29-12-2016 1:18 PM
Shane311090 Offline

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If you had done a Captain America, and spent the past few decades frozen in a block of ice to be brought back to your living, breathing self in 2016, you’d surely be looking at the world around you and wondering – what on earth is going on?

Tales of war and suffering, and shock events spun out of divide and dissonance, are less of sensationalist headlines and seem more like daily occurrences these days. Salvaging silvers of hope and good news can be a real challenge at times – which is also why the team at The Pride takes, err, pride, in lending a special focus to the good things that happen around the community.

So in the spirit of taking stock and adding on to the 500 other year-in-review articles that are lighting up your news-feed, we’re giving props here to a few individuals who have lit up the lives of others this year.

Here are our picks for The Pride’s very first Hero of the Year and their stories.
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29-12-2016 1:27 PM
win Online
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Laughing Our great hero is LHL = LAO HEE LO
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