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This President Election is an easy choice. Here's why...
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13-8-2017 9:46 AM
sukhoi35 Offline

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13-8-2017 9:06 AMcestlavie wrote  This is NOT an Elected President (EP). It is Pre-approved President (PP).

Ownself nominate ownself, ownself approve ownself. Singapore world CL-as* gov !

Next time, they will change the constitution to reserve for "a monkey."
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13-8-2017 9:49 AM
Ola Offline
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13-8-2017 1:43 AMRaphael05 wrote  Their game is just to win.. they dun care if u void.. to void is to fall into their game.. too soft a voice.. to vote for the other person is a stronger voice.. just like 70-30... the void is not even in the picture..

This game is not Fair!

Reminds me of what someone said- 7 UNLEVEL playing field prescribed by Tan Chuan Jin .

. . . . . {I love my country, does not mean I love the government party}
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