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Trump ignited trade war and then threatened China with 2nd round of tariffs!

In trade war with Trump, Canada should stop defending the indefensible on dairy products

Donald Trump is a bare-knuckled, sharp-elbowed negotiator who instinctively goes for his opponent’s weakness. In Canada’s case, this weakness is our hypocritical and self-defeating defence of supply management, particularly in the dairy sector.

When Trump ignores Canada’s long-standing partnership with the United States but brings world attention to the nearly 300 per cent tariffs imposed on foreign dairy products, we know we have a problem.


US launches another trade case against China

US President Donald Trump's Commerce Department today announced another trade action involving Chinese imports, with producers of steel propane tanks accused of dumping and unfair subsidies.

It is the latest in a series of disputes the Trump administration has taken up against Beijing, the largest of which are the looming 25 per cent tariffs on USD 50 billion in Chinese goods amid complaints the country is stealing US technology.

The frictions with the Asian giant, as well as t ..

Farm-sector depression in play if full-scale trade war breaks out

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In response to the administration’s tariffs on selected products, especially steel and aluminum, China, Canada and Mexico have announced increased tariffs on a range of goods produced in the U.S. The European Union will also respond to increased U.S. tariffs.

Farm products and products processed from agricultural commodities, such as wine and whiskey, have been singled out. As things currently stand, with the exception of pork and sorghum, the impacts should be manageable.

However, if the situation deteriorates, and a full-scale trade war breaks out, the farm sector could fall into a full-blown depression. The farm sector has slowly been recovering from a period of low prices and incomes during the mid-2010s, and the current dispute and concerns about a widening trade war has added uncertainty in agricultural markets.

With Trade War Brewing, Canadian Oil Group Seeks to Reduce Reliance on U.S.

With President Donald Trump roiling the American relationship with its neighbor to the north, the Canadian oil industry’s biggest trade group is floating ideas for reducing its dependence on the U.S.

One possibility would be reviving Enbridge Inc.’s Northern Gateway pipeline proposal, according to Tim McMillan, chief executive officer of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. Currently, all but one of Canada’s oil pipelines run to the U.S., and gaining the ability to ship crude off the northern Pacific coast to Asia is “crucially important,” McMillan said during an on-stage interview at an industry conference on Tuesday.

Donald Trump’s firing line as trade war with EU escalates and US president demands Germany pays up

US President fired off a barrage of damning tweets aimed at the EU, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NATO allies

He also questioned the future of Nato as he attacked European countries for failing to pay their share towards the continent's defence.

The UK is one of the few members states that pays the target of spending two per cent of its gross domestic product on defence.

Trump tweeted: "The U.S. pays close to the entire cost of NATO - protecting many of these same countries that rip us off on trade (they pay only a fraction of the cost - and laugh!)

"The European Union had a $151 billion surplus - should pay much more for military!

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G7 summit: America will win trade war 1,000 times over, President Trump boasts

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President Trump has boasted that the United States will win a trade war “a thousand times” over if the European Union decides next month, as expected, to introduce retaliatory measures against his metals tariffs.

Trump could slap China with tariffs as soon as Friday

President Donald Trump is expected to impose tariffs on Chinese goods as soon as Friday or next week, according to two sources briefed on internal deliberations, a move that is sure to further inflame tensions and spark almost immediate retaliation from Beijing.

The administration on Friday is planning to publish a final list of Chinese goods that will take the hit.
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