10-year-old Texas girl* contracts brain-eating amoeba while swimming
By Amir Vera, CNN

Updated 0252 GMT (1052 HKT) September 15, 2019

(CNN)A weekend swim left a young girl* fighting for her life when she contracted a brain-eating amoeba with a 97% fatality rate.

The 10-year-old girl* swam in the Brazos River and Lake Whitney in Bosque County near Waco over Labor Day weekend, according to CNN affiliate KWTX-TV.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the amoeba is a single-cell living organism commonly found in warm freshwater like lakes and rivers. The amoeba enters the body through the nose, travels to the brain and destroys brain tissue, according to the CDC.
Video and more info at CNN: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/09/14/us/te...index.html
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