2 S'poreans missing in Johor
BOUGHT fake passport...Abandon kayak...return SG as different identity...insurance claimed..retired...happily...

Opps was the items and money left inside puposely so that they can be Identify as them? Rough sea should overturn all stuffs inside amd Kayak Damaged.
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So supposed the first day they were thrown out of sea by the winds and waves....life jacket can last fpr 12 hrs than if no strength to continue will sink since the kayak no longer with them.
dunsee dunsee
aiya, want to do kayaking, safer to go reservoirs
13-8-2019 5:18 PM
ysh02 said:
Kayak only , the two leh ?....no mentioned ?
duntell duntell duntell

They are still missing!
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So need to wait 7 years to claim their CPF and assets ?...
God bless...may peace be with their families and loved ones during this very difficult period.

One has to experience palpably to know how painful it is to lose a close family member.
Similar to MH 370 missing , now 5 years already, wait another two more years.....
loser loser
A lady body found!
14-8-2019 4:12 PM
SLine said:
A lady body found!

Can they ascertain she is the one who is found missing when kayaking?
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