2 weeks jail for showing se.x video to a female colleague while chatting
in my younger days i remembered a male colleague tried to kiss me during a surprise birthday celebration they arranged in the office.

i foiled the bid effectively and immediately by placing my hands over my face.

that's why i have reservation about why this girl* take one week to report police after willingly watched the whole video with him. she could have just tell him off immediately, or just walk off.

something else must have happened in between, like souring of relationship, office politics, or some instigator at work. notworthy
last time among friends in a pub, a friend was drunk ..make a comment to a female friend ..why your breast is small

the next few days later he got a lawyer later suing him of sexual harassment

this is no joke..so dun fark around women in SG , women Charter power sia
12-9-2019 12:24 AM
Alice Alicia said:
[Image: 781391.jpeg]

While chatting away with his 25-year-old colleague, Harris Carter Chai decided to take out his phone and show her an explicit video.

The 41-year-old married man then claimed that the man having s.ex with a woman in the video was himself and his ex-girlfriend. He also told his colleague that he was “power”, alluding to his sexual skills.

About a week later on Feb 7, she filed a police report against Chai.

On Wednesday (Sept 11), the Malaysian was sentenced to two weeks’ jail for his actions.
Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/2-...-his-penis

the DUMBFARK should be jailed just for calling himself..............Harris Carter.......... vomit
God Poked Mary In The Butt = Jesus (Immaculate Deception)
What sort of name is that?
Presidential fans?
The most popular meaning of FOOK is: F uck

Vigilante uncle Placebo got to put wendy chan in her place coz he is afraid of an old, ugly [email protected] witch...scared + jealous of what?
have such charges huh ?

no witness, how to prove guilty ?
haha kam lan kia, if u go china and show to PRCs...they will become wet and let u fug them!
12-9-2019 7:18 AM
Alice Alicia said:
poor fella. Laughing

he’s an idiot and she’s a b*tch..perfect for each other
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