2019 ●●Singapore Failures 新加坡的失败 ...Pages with Real facts and picture
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For OBOR or Asia Infrastructure projects and AIIB loans, + future home prices,

please find some reliable actuary science professionals and engineering graduates to calculate the

1.) the appropriate material costs of each element like steel, rocks, cements, sands, copper, piping, PVC material, sharp-lighting rods, window glasses, etc. BOMs. on the actual affordable level range to consumers.

( Unit price down to each Brick, each pack of cement, each wire or metal-rod ... etc Window glass,

= the cost of each Kg of sands, cements, steel-bars, metal beams, window glasses, and etc }

Power generators, transmission lines, Backup and safety measures + repairs

Stock exchanges would have to follow the new Commodity prices.

1b.) maintenance costs per month, per quarter, per year needed to sustain those infrastructure.
Gatekeepers and management.

2.) the labour costs needed and jobs to build those infrastructure per KM and per mile and time to get it up.
Quality & Reliability > 35 to 50+ years.
( Developers, builders, govt, subcontractors = Written Warranties )

The capability to reduce X number of traffic jams and able to keep the streets flow rate at say for example, 40-KM/H, 50-KM/H, 60-KM/H, 70-KM/H ... constant speed flow. Track replacement , train repairs dock ...

corrosion effects from acid rain water, salty sea-breeze, tear & wears components, etc. surrounding business and corporation chemical plants ... bio-toxic disposal.

BUS interlinking ... BUS interchange, Taxi interchange, ridership ... number of people working for GRAB, UBER, taxi service, public buses, private buses ... etc.

Heavy and Light Loading, unloading dock-bays at certain time slots.

3.) the risks involved ... landslide, flood water, heatwave, earthquake, tsunami, haze, sandstorm, power-surge, repair-procedures and protocols or whatever natural disaster or non-natural disasters from the political arena + businesses man-made disaster.

Electricity or Energy sources - AC, DC, Solar panel power, power surge protectors/regulators ... gasoline, chemical battery... warranty period + guaranteed period and accountability of suppliers and project owners.

4.) the land price and path ... loan size, tenure and interest rate + other useful data or measures.

The Cross-borders laws, regulatory and orders or common ethics from commuters while on the trains or transit platforms or at the interchange.

5.) the number and frequency of users that would rely on such public infrastructure.
Possible future ticket prices or fares.

6.) intra and inter-country or state collaboration and agreements .... can't overly profit-taking from these long term infrastructure.

7.) Sea water and lake or lagoon ... waterfall cleaning ... dam water, river water, piping ...

8.) Summarize the housing loans and ownership ... business and commercial building ...
Tabulate + Audit them and V&V first ... show them accordingly.

... Telecom ISPs ... Water, Power and drainage system ... body, weather monitoring system and companies ... involvement accordingly.

Real estate veteran developers may have to change their hats.

Centralize all the data into the appropriate databases + start doing profiling .... case study.

1st Developer selling price,
2nd Developer or real estate broker/agent buying price, dates.

1st home-buyer price and loan size. with which bank ?
Amount principle and bank's interest paid thus far.
Their Remaining mortgage loan amount and tenure. dates

2nd home-buying price and loan size. with which bank ?
Amount principle and interest paid thus far.
Their Remaining mortgage loan amount and tenure. dates

3rd home-buying price and loan size. with which bank ?
Amount principle and interest paid thus far.
Their Remaining mortgage loan amount and tenure. dates

Banks received or charging interests thus far from owner(s) = ? dates.

and etc ...

Home owner's or renter's profession of the premises and rental fees in the past & present.

Countries that heavily relying on tourism industry in their nation should have lower currency exchange rate in order to attract higher frequency rate from foreign clients and help to ensure the public safety across all visitors and locals.

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