300,000 troops, 900 tanks, 1,000 aircraft! Massive Russian military exercise
Another round of refugees fleeing from Syria and maybe Global? wtf. space exploration my foot, this Beautiful Earth ppl can't even live humanely .
Will it cost less than US$12M compare to Trump military parade? Thinking
Sensing threats from the West, Russia prepares to flex its military muscle

Russia this week announced the upcoming launch of its largest military exercises since the end of the Cold War, involving some 300,000 troops. The message seems clear: Russia feels under threat and will do what it must to protect itself.

China 3k only???
No wonder US moves military hard ware to Romania... Big Grin
31-8-2018 8:44 AM
Thor said:
China 3k only???

Hello, Casanova aka Thor aka RCzone! Bye

How many k have you hidden?

中俄「東方2018」絕世軍演背後 水下幽靈部隊才最可怕!?- 關鍵精華

《今日看世界》中俄史上最大规模军演震撼西方 美俄近东博弈升级 20180903
30-8-2018 11:02 PM
sticw said:
Time for Russia to claim Europe. China to claim Asia.
.NWO centralised government? one govt? descendents of pirates and their bandits and opium warlords beware ?. Rolling on the flor laughing

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