45yo Black lexus SUV driver who threw brick at Parliament House arrested...
If throw bricks at construction site is not a problem, then why is it a problem at parliament ground near to the fence?
Rich people is very free
Nowadays, drivers are getting more and more aggressive!
11-1-2019 9:47 PM
debono said:
No he will be charged with vandalism, which could cost him 6 strokes on his buttocks....... Crying Crying Crying

Damage to govt property
11-1-2019 11:01 PM
sgbuffett said:
Did he hurt someone or damage public property?
If he throws a brick into your house,can you say the same thing?
11-1-2019 8:56 PM
debono said:
Parliament house should be guarded 24/7, this thing shouldn't be happening. I suspect the culprit is very disappointed with the ruling party, and vent his anger this way............. Angry Angry Angry Angry

Definitely lah, why else throw a brick at parleement? Must be damn angry at pmlee.
It’s just one big farking world for one human kind.
11-1-2019 8:59 PM
just2share said:
[Image: tsCSgbv.png]

walaneh! Big Grin
Bro, 2787 nice number lah! thumbs upWinking
Today Saturday liao lah! 245
11-1-2019 8:54 PM
just2share said:
[Image: SbicxvI.png]

once LTA implement the pay as u use road tax, every car got a gps installed, this guy no where to run.

Big Grin
Stupidity of angry people. Oppies same same.
His mind must have been clouded by emotions. Dun think he is a stupid person to be able to own a Lexus..... Laughing

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