50,000-plus retail investors will be affected if Hyflux is to go under , don't play
31-10-2018 7:42 PM
Jac Lau Jac said:
The entire Hyflux group had bank debts of about S$1.84 billion in June. Note holders are owed S$265 million. Perp and preference shareholders are owed S$900 million.

Hyflux continues to face heat from bank creditors. Tan Kok Quan Partnership lawyer Eddee Ng - who represents BNP Paribas, Mizuho Bank, KFW IPEX-Bank, Bangkok Bank and Standard Chartered Bank - told the court on Wednesday that creditors need more visibility over Hyflux's financial affairs in order to assess "if this is going to be a pointless restructuring".


The estimated costs required to complete the TuasOne waste-to-energy plant have also doubled in a matter of months, Mr Ng flagged. On May 22, when Hyflux filed for court protection, the costs were estimated at S$85 million. The figure was raised to S$132 million in June, and S$172 million in October. The expected project completion date is now September 2019, from May 2019 previously.
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Lesson for share investors, like Sgbuffett, if you buy stocks with no stops.

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Hyflux delay again for assets selling...any late charges from Maybank ?
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