60yo uncle kpkb his geylang streetwalker wife wants to divorce after getting PR
31-12-2018 2:13 PM
Notdumb said:
Highly sought after profession by pap hor. 100% approval rate. Rolling on the flor laughing
Rolling on the flor laughing
31-12-2018 2:06 PM
hfourhappy said:
What is streetwalker lady do?

Sis, she walks the streets Big smile
One of the 70% daft. "我是跟你谈心,不是跟你谈金"
31-12-2018 2:04 PM
smarty said:
I thought ICA has a strict policy on sin.kie marrying foreigners
Even work permit holder has to get approval marrying sin.kie
Let alone prostitutes
Work Permit holders must get permission.
Pros don't need to. Maybe if they are registered pros, maybe might have to. But the illegal pros no need to.
she is not registered pros....those aquarium pros are on visa, i think is 2years.... they were trained how to service men, then service for 2 years, after their expiry, they cannot return to SG

this one is a freelance.
Haha. And he expect cinderella story?

Cinderella wear glass shoe and says only the correct one fits.
Streetwalker wear meat stick and everyone fits.
Freelance pros can be anybody, including vigilante aunties Laughing
31-12-2018 2:02 PM
Billionaire said:
Smart foreign women....

and old DUMBFARK Sinkees.................no wonder P/A/P can stay in power so long......... Rolling on the flor laughing
God Poked Mary In The Butt = Jesus (Immaculate Deception)
This man is a dumb f.uck pros are for play not for keeps
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Rolling on the flor laughing Rolling on the flor laughing

reminds me of some one here ..... at least she did not leave him with a child .....a child not his child .... ok
Get it?

Laughing Laughing
PRC ktv* hostess once told me "台湾人无情, 香港人无义,新加坡人无稚" dance dance
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