60yo uncle kpkb his geylang streetwalker wife wants to divorce after getting PR
1-1-2019 12:32 AM
WhatDoYouThink said:
must let them wear chastity belt with "kok recognition" lock. only one kok can open the lock.
kok facial recoginition.?.to play safe.
31-12-2018 1:58 PM
just2share said:
[Image: BtelkFl.png]

you are living in dictator system. many story is not real use to fool ppl belief. let me ask you a questuion. ebven you are the ah peh, will you let your wife to be pros. it use to suport pap gdp belief.you r selection on govt systemto live in thier lies thru state story.

you see they guiyy concious. dare not put the reporter face but use other ppl photowho wrote the story.this tell the story is fake. Laughing

will you thru logicle thinking?on your wife to sleep with stranger.
Citizen Power Game for Citizens to work together to Build a New Social System.

16-1-2019 11:42 AM
Tangsen said:
Only if I am that rich Crying

I have a rich filthy friend, he has a young hot PRC wife 20+yrs his junior and I believed he kept a couple is different countries too. I asked him if he is worried if all his women love his money not him.
He said, yes I am very worried. I worry if I have no money.....
I cry out laughing spitting out my beer ....... HE HAS A GOOOOOD POINT

this is why our elit created a union satefor citizen living. to make you live in poverty to fool ppl belief. the rich is a high class ppl no need depend thier wife to sell meatby expoli our citizen righ thru the science crested on resources control thru licence scheme. Big smile

to make ppl live in legal / illegal under to foll ppl belief.it is a legal powercorupt system for the citizen to live in under their dictation.
Citizen Power Game for Citizens to work together to Build a New Social System.

Nudie Nudie Nudie Nudie Nudie Nudie Nudie Nudie Nudie
31-12-2018 4:49 PM
Bro, if you don't apply PR/citizenship, it will be very troublesome and costly to keep them in Sg as they will not be entitled to subsidies for healthcare, education etc. on top of having to keep on renewing the LTVP.

Using Ah Jac as an example, after his first wife dumped him, he buay song and went to buy his Vietcong wife from the countryside village to spite his wife. He had to bribed her and her family with lots of $$$ & sponsor her PR & her siblings' PR before she is willing to sell her body and herself to him because he was way too old for her and she would rather go for a much younger virile man.

That's why Jac is now so paranoid over she running away given that she had done it twice before. It is a necessary evil, without the PR/SC, life will be difficult but once got PR/SC must then be on constant guard duty 24/7 and locked up her passport and son's passport.

2-1-2019 12:34 AM
Well, you can't really blame Ah Jac. His Vietbu didn't marry him for love and that was when Ah Jac was still reasonably young. Now, he looks like an old man and you cannot expect us to believe his Vietbu developed feelings of love for him over time when she didn't love him when he was younger.

Using my second current Gf who is aged 32 as an example, she is about the same age as Ah Jac Vietbu. She bluntly told me that had I looked my actual age, she would have seriously hesitated in starting a relationship with me and she regularly jokingly addressed me as lau uncle which can be quite hurtful at times waiting . The age gap between Ah Jac and his Vietbu is even bigger than mine as it is a freaking 24 years age gap. Ah Jac's Vietbu got wild eyes, which indicates that she is the straying type. Jac may have been dumb to marry her but he is not that dumb to let his guard down all the time. If he is smart, he will enlist his son to be the watchdog and spy unless he is the type who can be easily bribed by his mother to be a double agent, then in that case, good luck to Ah Jac liao Laughing

Rolling on the flor laughing
2-1-2019 9:42 PM
thermo-rx said:
Only Jac Lau Jack got balls to show IC here....tell his own life story.....he is standing true

He is NOT entirely wrong on the former pInk Auntie pApA policies to some extend when the home price is below $300K range.

Once the loan amount or selling price is over the upper limit,
the entire structure would just collapse.

{ All the RATS, COWS and SNAKES, Scorpions crisis would Surface. }

Only after the equation of buying the HDB flat out of order under MBT's era or HK-1997 returns and Casino Ho Family intruded the Rabbit Wife of LHL ...

the sabotage of Ho ... into Lee ... family backyards ...

then ... all the Roaster, Pig, Dragon, Rabbit ... were fallen apart ....

Poor Rabbits ... Piggy ..... and Goat .... kena set up by the Ho and Snakes .... + UK



Lee was initially diagnosed with lymphoma for which he underwent chemotherapy in the early 1990s

then subsequently also underwent a successful robot-assisted keyhole prostatectomy on 15 February 2015 after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Texas state .... Bushy .... Cowboy Hospital.

15 Feb, 2015 ... Date coincidentally after US Fed's QE3 ended.

And ECB QE started from March 2015.


Lee married his first wife, a Malaysian-born doctor named Wong Ming Yang in 20 May 1978.

Their daughter , Li Xiuqi, was born in 1980.

Three weeks after giving birth to their first son, Li Yipeng,

Wong died at the age of 31 on 28 October 1982 of a "heart attack".

In 1985, when Lee was 33, he married Ho Ching,
a fast-rising civil servant who subsequently became the executive director and chief executive officer of Temasek Holdings.

Lee has a daughter – Xiuqi
– and three sons – Yipeng, Hongyi and Haoyi

(including the daughter and eldest son from Lee's first marriage).

Ho Ching's eldest son, Li Hongyi, was an officer in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), and is currently the deputy director in the

GTA, Government Technology Agency of Singapore,
under the Prime Minister's Office.

LHL better prepare some resources secretly to investigate how his 1st honey passed away with heart-attack so sudden and 1st son conditions .... before the Ho ....arrival ...

31-12-2018 9:58 PM
saff said:
k#@... blundered a large part of his money, definitely the sign of the elitist idiot.

If you think joining this forum are losers, why are you here? Thinking
Like some ministers like to kpkb about facebook but still use its service; i have no respect for these people. Angry

Is just like a person who dislike and complaint so much on ruling party and yet voted them.
CPF withdrawn or not?
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