7 sinkees kpkb bought jb condo with poor quality worst than HDB & report police
8-10-2019 5:19 PM
maipenrai said:
Why they cover their face?

no face, buy lousy house..pai say lah..
8-10-2019 5:13 PM
OLT said:
Which police they report? sg or msia?

Even if it is a property in Singapore, the proper channel is not the SPF.

If they go and report to the Malaysian police, the police will tell them to find a Malaysian lawyer.
So many condo there. Wait till completed then buy, if really want to buy.
a few points to add:

1. mata cant do much

2. media exposure shd work well. the developer will do a better job for current and future buyers, not sure about this small group of owners. its a lose-lose case

3. as owners/investors, their property prices will be negatively impacted.

4. feedback from friends is that the developer teams are quite efficient and friendly. 随传随到, like described in the ws above

5. lawsuits will drag on for years and costly if shared by a small group of owners.

6. new buyers will still continue to come in for the location and low prices, which are only 1/8 to 1/10 of sg equivalents
8-10-2019 5:04 PM
just2share said:
[Image: SdmbYfE.jpg]

Nobody forces them to buy.
Buy at your old risk.
The problem with bolehland is blackout.
If you can tahan the blackout, then it is ok for you to live there. thumbs up
8-10-2019 5:04 PM
just2share said:
[Image: SdmbYfE.jpg]

serve them right for been greedy thinking it is a good deal to invest in a country fill with corruption..
8-10-2019 10:50 PM
sunearth said:

thumbs up
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