A case of 1 silly master and 2 hopeless disciples..what will happen?
The fool told thrm " sit n dont anyhow move. If you gsna get whack, I cannot help you.
You understand? Bloody hopeless fool!"

The 2 fools replied " yes fool!"

The fool gave both 2 tight slap for calling the master fool.
Rolling on the flor laughing
The master fool told them " keep your mouth bloody shut up! Only speak when i say can, you understand? Bloody hopeless students!"...
The fools replied ' ok master.

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The master fool shouted at one of his fool student, “come here, dont go disturb people”
Wait I give you a kick in your butt.
Sit and wait for order.
You hopeless fool. Rolling on the flor laughing
It was really a joy to sit back and see the 2 students practicing their master kung-fu.
Where is uncle Joe operating from?
The 2 fools sat there lost....
Cos their foolish master nowhere in the park.
Suppose to practice tai chi..
What a joke indeed.
Master is trying to recruit passerby to join his famous and useless clan.
But slap left right by one ah Pek, ah Pek told him off “you siao lan, get lost!” Rolling on the flor laughing

The 2 foolish good for nothing students started to giggle at the ah Pek remarks...

That made the master very angry and told the both “no dinner for you! Dare to laugh at the master!”

Rolling on the flor laughing Rolling on the flor laughing
The 2 silly and gone case students still follow their stupid master, and their master treat them like a slave.
The silly and gone case students probably need to go IMH for a check up.

I saw them talking secretly among themselves and seem like wanting to plot and kill stupid master. Rolling on the flor laughing

Yet the master thought he is a truly master of the universe. Rolling on the flor laughing

Passerby look at him and laughing all the way home.
Master is strolling along the park.
But the 2 silly clown missing...
How? Thinking
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