A case of 1 silly master and 2 hopeless disciples..what will happen?
This morning the master taught them how to behavior like a angry dog.
Instead one foolish student do other animal.
That made the master very angry for not listening.
Teach a foolish students need times... Rolling on the flor laughing
The master very angry.
Told them to learn diligently and not see stranger follow stranger as if they are their master.
A joke !
I think the master better sack both stupid brainless students.
Hopeless to the core.
Elderlies n joggers laughing to see stupid master and silly students doing stupid act in the public.
A joy to watch.. Big Grin
One old elderly woman walked over them n told the 3 stooges.
"Don't live in someone's well, go find your own well"
The three stooges stretches their head.
Muahahah... Rolling on the flor laughing
Oh dear, the master n 2 bloody hopeless students squatting down looking at human poo,....
Shockingly, the foolish students lick up the poo and told their master, it taste good.
The angry master told them go public toilet to wash their stink mouth.... vomit Laughing
Then one auntie saw this and told me in dialect “bo now, chak sia”
Rolling on the flor laughing
The whole day, the master looking for the 2 stupid students.
Nowhere to be found.
Silly and stupid master, shouting for the 2 clown students, nowhere to be found...
Bloody silly. Rolling on the flor laughing
The master getting very annoyed.
Started to scold passerby , acting crazy.
I suspect the 2 stupid students enjoying some boozes today.
Big Grin
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