AMKTC trial: Pair accused of corruption spent 'over S$4K
9-11-2018 7:36 AM
Moonrab said:
This way makes it easy to spend 4k per night... Rolling on the flor laughing

Which of the 2 is more important?
Don’t play play with Govt contracts. Even if you have friends in high places...... notworthy
At least we confirmed know ah Singh and ah low never go ktv*, mass@ge and hang flowers w tc money.. we can’t be sure abt the other side
9-11-2018 8:23 AM
ahnya said:
Which of the 2 is more important?

Depends on who you are?
Hdb is a statutory board, easier to control corruption of TC $$$$$$, that is citizen $$$$$$.

Today's corruption in TC, is something we hardly seen in the past.
Even happening in AMK, OMG.
Millions $$$$$$ contract is not a small sum ok... Big Grin
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