Amateurish Modi killed the Indian solar energy industry by imposing tariffs
Modi wanted to imitate Trump by imposing tariffs on solar energy equipment import. When India itself cannot generate sufficient electricity for national consumption. The tariffs killed all the electricity generation investments.
莫迪突然宣佈制裁中國,結果卻讓印度損失慘重 !業餘總理?

Rolling on the flor laughing

One retarded forummer said Nepal cancelled dam contract with China. Haha, I said then the setback is just temporary. Nepal will certainly refuse to be bullied by India and will resume the contract sooner or later.

haha, he really showed his "intelligence"!


It is a matter for India to choose whether to use rail for shipment of goods or still stick to sea transport. Now the shipment through rail to EU is 14 days and by ship is 2 months.

The choice is obvious.
Hey guys, can u guess which one is modi ?
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How come the reports say India is doing very well with modi... has one of the fastest growing economies ?
13-3-2018 6:51 PM
Yin yang said:
How come the reports say India is doing very well with modi... has one of the fastest growing economies ?
Invest in bangaladices can win . Big smile

Clouds gather over India solar energy sector

Narendra Modi on Sunday hosted India’s biggest diplomatic summit in years as he launched a new international body to help finance solar projects and seeks to cement India’s place at the forefront of the global energy revolution.

But even as the Indian prime minister welcomes more than 20 world leaders to New Delhi for the International Solar Alliance conference — designed to help fund solar projects in some of the world’s sunniest and poorest countries — evidence is building that the spectacular growth in the Indian solar market is grinding to a halt.

Experts attribute much of the slowdown to developers worrying about higher taxes being levied by Mr Modi’s government.

3.5 Gw of solar tenders in limbo, thanks to tax and regulatory niggles

Some of the cancelled tenders were for large projects announced during 2015-16 and were facing delays and uncertainty over tariff

Lack of clarity over tax and regulations in the solar sector has pushed close to 3.5 Gigawatt of tenders to cancellation or delay for more than a year now. Of this, 980 Megawatt (Mw) of projects were under the domestic content category that has been shrouded in controversy.

[Image: 1519752944-4556.jpg]

Sector executives said the tariff is being recalibrated as various factors have come into play since the past one year. The major being the new tax regime GST which has imposed five per cent rate on solar equipment panel from earlier zero tax.

The other is the customs duty of seven per cent on the solar panel imports which some ports in India are levying. The tax authorities are yet to give any clarity.

One major variable that may impact the prices is the impending decision of imposing anti-dumping and safeguards duty on solar imports coming from China, Malaysia and Taiwan. The Directorate General of Safeguards (DGS) in its preliminary report investigating the dumping of solar cells has suggested a duty of 70 per cent on the imports coming from China. Industry expects a hike of Rs 1-2 per unit in the solar tariff, if the duty is imposed.

In the Union Budget 2018, the government also announced a 10 per cent surcharge on the customs duty on import of all items, including solar. Close to 80 per cent of India’s solar power is based on imported content. Solar panels from last year onwards have been inviting 7.5 per cent customs duty. Sector executives said a 10 per cent surcharge over it would escalate the cost of panels and might impact the tariff as well.

India Proposes 70% Duty on China, Malaysia Solar Imports

India’s ruining its grand plans to become a solar powerhouse
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