Any good brand for digital converter and antenna
13-8-2018 8:35 AM
EXBB said:
U want my antenna ?still hot

You may donate yours to museum.
13-8-2018 8:43 AM
gstalk said:
Wait for Gov to give you free set-top box with antenna. They already given free to hdb dwellers. The rest will be later

My mother already got the letter.
Installation free.
Unless you have those box from Telco.
Anyone use this?
[Image: 3Z0zM3j.jpg]
There is nothing really to watch on the local TV channels. Just wait till next year. They created this mess and they need to fix it. Actually the govt is more worried than you. If less people watch the local channels, then less opportunity for the govt to broadcast propaganda. Next year they will make it free for everyone because GE is coming soon then.
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