Apple tried to sue a small iPhone repair shop in Norway, the repair shop won
Do you still want to buy Iphone? A big bully.

It's no secret that Apple doesn't want you to be able to easily repair your devices. While almost anyone can open an Android repair shop, opening an Apple repair shop requires certification and that you follow a strict set of rules that Apple defines. Apple has even gone after unauthorized repair shops with lawsuits in an attempt to put them out of business. Last year they filed suit to try to do this to a small store in Norway but the court has just recently sided with the repair shop.

Apple tried to sue a small iPhone repair shop in Norway, the repair shop won
Norway is the centre of justice?.imm.
Many of these MNC are bullies. Samsung laser printer has an embedded chip to count sheets printed and will not allow 3rd party to refill cartridge. Now apple won't allow 3rd party to repair iphones.
Even Singapore gahmen is being scammed by lift manufacturers who refuse to sell replacement chipsets to 3rd party elevator repair companies and despite Singaporeans being held ransom to such uncompetitive MNC trade practises, all that competition commission of Singapore (CCS) can do is 'poll the audience ' or ask for feedback on what to do.
~ Matthew 25:40: "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'"- (NIV)
iPhone is the past.

New leaders

It looks as though Huawei is in a race against Samsung, LG and other manufacturers for the title of “world’s first truly foldable smartphone".

According to a report from Korean news site ETNews, which claims its information comes from sources with direct knowledge of the plans, Huawei has recently signed non-disclosure agreements with its suppliers, in connection to the mysterious “foldable phone” that could be unveiled as early as November.

If there is a November reveal, that date could very likely win the brand the title of “world’s first.” But before getting too excited and putting this on top of the Christmas list, it’s not sure whether the foldable phone will actually be available for purchase, with that time period more likely being for a reveal. That could give the company some time to figure out what apps would complement double the screen real estate, which comes with the unique feature of being able to be folded down the middle.
And according to the same sources, Huawei is also planning to unveil a folding phone with 5G support in the later part of 2019.

But Huawei is not the only brand working on a foldable smartphone. Earlier this month, it was reported that LG had been granted a patent for a foldable smartphone design while Samsung Mobile president, DJ Koh, has been quoted saying that they too will have something to show in regards of a truly foldable Galaxy smartphone this year.

Meanwhile, the Axon M by ZTE, which launched in China earlier this year, is a foldable smartphone, however it takes a different approach to the foldable aspect, taking the form of two screens sandwiched together via a hinge.
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