Attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi ‘planned in Afghanistan, aided by Indian spy
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Police in Pakistan alleged that a deadly attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi last year was planned in Afghanistan with the support of India’s spy agency – a claim India has denied.

Karachi police chief Amir Shaikh also highlighted the grave security risks Beijing is facing over its ambitious investment scheme in the region.

Five suspects – all from Pakistani separatist group the Balochistan Liberation Army – have been arrested in Karachi, Hub and Quetta over the attack, Shaikh told media on Friday, according to The Express Tribune.

During the attack on November 23, three militants attempted to enter the Chinese consulate in Karachi but were shot dead by police at the checkpoint. Two police officers and two civilians were also killed during the exchange of fire. The BLA claimed responsibility for the attack...........
13-1-2019 1:09 AM
CHAOS said:
...The BLA claimed responsibility for the attack...........
Pakistan, US and UK consider Balochistan Liberation Army as a terrorist organisation. But not India.

Why ?
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