Azmin : ‘New Malaysia’ offers hope and opportunity for China!
11-10-2018 8:17 PM
Melo_Melo said:
China only want to put money in places where their fake goods can sell........

There is some truth in what you said........
11-10-2018 8:17 PM
Melo_Melo said:
China only want to put money in places where their fake goods can sell........

In other words, USA is the country which welcomes fake goods most earnestly! Rolling on the flor laughing
Mamakthir is anti Chinese anti China..
11-10-2018 9:52 PM
Honestboy said:
Mamakthir is anti Chinese anti China..

Anti-Singapore also!
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New govt committed to boost business ties with China, says Azmin

he economic affairs minister says there is a lot that Malaysia can learn from China companies.
walaneh! shock
Beware of the cunning Old Fox lah, bro! Worried
11-10-2018 5:38 PM
alanis said:
[Image: 658653.jpeg]

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 11 — Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali today called on China to have a positive outlook on the ‘New Malaysia’ under the administration of Pakatan Harapan (PH). “Rather than viewing the ‘New Malaysia’ with anxiety, I urge Chinese businesses to view us...

“Now, more than ever before, Malaysia is one of the most attractive places in South-east Asia to do business,” he said when closing the South China Morning Post Conference China 2018 at Hilton Kuala Lumpur.

dr M's kar kiah(s) are all as mad as their boss, flip flopping all over their own stupidity

[Image: 63952a.jpg]
if you fling enough crap shit into the universe, occasionally the breeze is going to blow your way [Image: 2PDw1J7.jpg]
11-10-2018 7:19 PM
debono said:
My family kenna clobbed by the clob shares, this I cannot forget.........

Who can forget? Only those stupid activists went to take photo with Dr M. That is why all Singaporeans should go pee on Dr M's grave after he hands over his IC.
Found a telegram channel that provides news update.
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