BMW Driver Attacks Cyclist With Machete, Gets Killed by Own Knife
14-9-2018 8:14 PM
Goldmine said:
He acted in self defence. He could have lost his life, had the drunk driver not drop the machete and continue swinging it at the cyclist. Look at the scar on the left side of his head near the eye. If hit the eye, can imagine he wld be blur and not capable of warding further swings of the machete. Next swing cld be fatal.

He will be charged if this happens in Spore.
You are wrong.

The driver could Be running to get another weapon in the car.

It is very clear's self Defence.

14-9-2018 8:33 PM
ahnya said:
In my opinion, he should be charged.
No doubt the BMW driver was guilty of starting it.
The cyclist had the right to fight back, and to use the machete on the driver in self protection.
But, the cyclist exceeded the limit of reasonable force for self protection, especially since he went after the driver who was already fleeing.
Then Singapore will be wrong

14-9-2018 8:39 PM
lvlrsSTI said:
He will be charged if this happens in Spore.
That guy better run else he will become powder.
14-9-2018 9:02 PM
theold said:
That guy better run else he will become powder.

Walau, he is just a nobody,
14-9-2018 6:13 PM
lvlrsSTI said:

In a case that has generated legal and moral debate across China, a cyclist who was attacked by a man with a machete, and who then killed his assailant in the ensuing scuffle, will not face charges.

A widely viewed traffic cam video shows what happened the night of August 27 in the Chinese city of Kunshan, west of Shanghai. Yu Haiming, a 41-year-old electrician, was waiting at a stoplight on his e-bike when 36-year-old Liu Hailong, driving a BMW, approached from behind. Liu swerved toward Yu, who was in a dedicated bike lane, and nearly hit him.

Two passengers then left the BMW to talk to Yu, with one gently moving his bike to the sidewalk. But about 30 seconds later, Liu—who had been driving drunk, according to the Jiangsu provincial prosecutor—stormed out of the car and began punching and kicking Yu, who fought back. Liu then returned to his car, grabbed a machete, and started swinging it at Yu. At some point the knife flew out of his hand; Yu got to it first and turned it on Liu, stabbing him at least five times.

Liu retreated to his car, with Yu in pursuit taking a few more swings with the machete. Liu was brought to a hospital but later died of his wounds, which included ruptured veins and intestines. Yu suffered non-fatal cuts and bruises.

[Image: kunshan-incident-1536254974.jpg?crop=1.0...size=768:*]

The story went viral on Chinese social media, sparking a debate on how cyclists should respond when confronted with road rage. Many observers came down on Yu’s side, arguing that he acted in self-defense. Others said that by pursuing Liu after gaining control of the weapon, he opened himself up to prosecution.

“There is a legal right to strike back, however, it needs to be within certain limits,” Zhang Di, a criminal lawyer with Weiheng Law Firm in Nanjing, told the South China Morning Post. “If the attacker has already pleaded for mercy or run away, one should stop the counter action and call the police, or get to safety.”
Ah tiongs forever same same ....luckily Obama is not China president.. Else China doomed
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the gangster
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14-9-2018 9:37 PM
lvlrsSTI said:
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the gangster

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Copycat of Yukuza Laughing
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