BMW Driver Attacks Cyclist With Machete, Gets Killed by Own Knife
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The man who stabbed a driver to death in a road rage incident in east China's Jiangsu Province was ruled to have a justifiable defense, the local police said in an announcement released late afternoon on Saturday. The attacker, Yu Haiming, has thus been exempted from criminal responsibility and the lawsuit has been dropped.

The traffic spat occurred between Yu and the victim Liu Haiming after their vehicles made a light collision Monday night in Kunshan City. The dispute escalated into a fight when Liu got a knife from his BMW and wielded it at Yu. Later, Yu made a counterattack after Liu accidentally dropped the weapon. He grabbed the knife instead and stabbed Liu to death.

As shown in a surveillance video, a black BMW sedan which Liu was driving made a sudden right turn at the crossing and entered the non-motorized vehicle lane at around 9:30 pm. The vehicle then collided with an e-bike.

Liu got out of his car, showing aggressive behavior including pushing over and kicking the e-bike rider Yu. He soon turned back to his car and grabbed a knife, trying to attack Yu. But Yu avoided the attacks.

After Liu accidentally dropped the weapon, Yu took it instead and stabbed Liu in the belly twice, causing him to fall to the ground. As Liu tried to get up, Yu attacked Liu three times more. Then, Yu chased Liu toward his car and slashed him twice again.

They were taken to the hospital after the police arrived, where Liu, 36, was soon pronounced dead.

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According to the police announcement, Liu died due to hemorrhagic shock, directly caused by five stabs in seven seconds by Yu. The attack wounded the victim in the belly, chest, shoulder, elbow, and hip as well as three bone fractures. The last two slashes missed the target.

The incident has aroused an intense, week-long debate in China and dominated the country's social media, with many discussing whether Yu’s fatal attack was justifiable self-defense or excessive self-defense.

In the meantime, the victim’s mysterious background also helped the story spread, with controversial rumors skewing public opinion. One said the victim was a gangster with a number of criminal records, which was challenged by another rumor which claimed that the victim was awarded as a Samaritan for giving clues to the local police on drug-related crimes.

As read in the announcement, the victim Liu Hailong was born in 1982 in northwest China's Gansu Province. He was not involved in any gang activities, but he was jailed several times on charges of robbery, blackmail, and theft. He also did in fact hold a Samaritan certificate in March issued by the Jiangsu Justice and Courage Foundation for providing valuable clues to the police.

The announcement also listed several highlights for making such a ruling.

First, the fact that Liu upgraded his assault from physical attack to attack with a weapon could be seen as a life-threatening situation for Yu, who has the legitimate right to defense.

Another detail is that after dropping his knife to the ground, Liu did not cease his attack but tried to retrieve the weapon, which indicated that his intention was to continue the attack.

Last but not least, Yu counterattack was a matter of self-defense. Though Yu continued attacking after Liu fell, it was in attempt to prevent further revenge by Liu.

The ruling has attracted over 290,000 likes and 110,000 shares within four hours of being posted on Weibo, winning praise from the public. According to a commentator on China Daily, the case was a triumph of ruling by law.
so small size, cannot fight and yet so fierce?
14-9-2018 7:22 PM
Moonrab said:
One to one...fight.
Gangster with knife lose. Still want revenge?.. dunsee

walaneh! Big Grin
Bro, it's not how big your weapon is that matters but how you use it lah! thumbs upWinking
I used a small razor blade from my shaver can slit throats liao lah! 245
14-9-2018 8:33 PM
ahnya said:
In my opinion, he should be charged.
No doubt the BMW driver was guilty of starting it.
The cyclist had the right to fight back, and to use the machete on the driver in self protection.
But, the cyclist exceeded the limit of reasonable force for self protection, especially since he went after the driver who was already fleeing.

Some details r blur in video but few factors support the cyclist:

1) a BMW (big car) was involved when cyclist had right of way on bicycle lane.
2) the aggressor looked like a gangster and also brought out a marchete
3) depends on how far the aggression by the deceased lasted, all these gangsters have tendency not to give up and cyclist may be some kind of gangster as well, some 'experts' need to study the video to see signs of surrender by the deceased, of it showed that there was continuous risk of harm to the victim (cyclist), then he is acting in self defense only and shouldn't be charged.

Unless there is evidence beyond reasonable doubt that the cyclist had exceeded the limit of reasonable force, police can only issue a warning and cannot charge.
~ Matthew 25:40: "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'"- (NIV)
aiya that scum if dun kill, keep him for what? his killer is a hero 为民除害

if fact all those from the same car shd hv gone with him
Singapore is an interesting place, such almost identicalmarchete incidents happen here too.

crimsontactics(hwz) said:

Jail, cane for man who attacked chef with machete

A man who was unhappy with a fellow drinker after seeing him chatting with his girlfriend went to get a machete to attack him - but ended up being assaulted with his own weapon.

Mohammad Naseeruddin Allamdin, 35, confronted Mohd Hamdan Noordin, 43, in a carpark but the latter grabbed the weapon from him and left his assailant with serious injuries, including a broken skull.

Naseeruddin, 35, was sentenced to three years and four months' jail with six strokes of the cane yesterday .

He pleaded guilty in May to one count each of causing hurt with a machete, being in possession of the weapon and an unrelated cheating offence.

Part of Hamdan's left earlobe was sliced off in the attack and needed reconstruction. He also suffered other injuries.

Hamdan, a chef, was jailed for six weeks on March 15 after pleading guilty to causing grievous hurt while under grave and sudden provocation.

The attack was sparked by an exchange at a bar at the Concorde Hotel Singapore in Orchard Road in the early hours of Jan 12, 2015.

Naseeruddin and his friends were drinking there while Hamdan's group was sitting nearby.

Naseeruddin and Muhammad Ajmain Ismaith, 33, saw Hamdan and Mr Muhammad Ridhuan Razali, 25, talking to Naseeruddin's girlfriend.

Both groups then left the bar.

Naseeruddin and Ajmain later confronted Hamdan and Mr Ridhuan at Spottiswoode Park before attacking the pair.

Hamdan managed to wrest away the machete and turned the tables on Naseeruddin.

All four men fled the scene soon after. - SHAFFIQ ALKHATIB
~ Matthew 25:40: "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'"- (NIV)
Brandishing a deadly weapon is a war declared what more with the advancing attack.
Either you die or I die. You don't assess immediate damage done to your enemy during war do you?
yalor. you never know what was he capable of doing next, maybe take out a gun and shoot. so safer to just finish him
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There is a lesson to be learn here..m dont you agree

The situation could be defuse ..if Yu...after the two other passenger came out and check on him and even bring his bike to the pavement...he is fine...but his must have said something or demanded something that cause the guy to come out to fight w him. So if people give you an inch dont ask for a yard.

Now Yu despite a victim..will have blood on his hands for killing some one. N in dont just ealk alway from killing a triad not only put your life in danger but also your love ones

In sg context..we do have A holes...that do drive like sh%t some if there is no accident
.we can just walk alway from confrontation and let the tp do their job
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