BREAKING: Moment Soyuz MS-10 rocket carrying crew to ISS malfunctions during launch
11-10-2018 10:01 PM
bw2013 said:
The Russian ejection system is foolproof. Ejecting from a ballistic 3 stage space launch rocket is not the same as ejecting from F16 hor.

no footage of ejected capsule landing but can video show the take off for mins.strange.
12-10-2018 9:41 AM
Blin said:
no footage of ejected capsule landing but can video show the take off for mins.strange.

Not possible to video as the rocket was already 123 secs into flight and way high up.

Think the crews survived becos the fault is that the 2nd stage booster failed to separate from the 3rd stage (on which the capsule sits).
Had it been an explosion of the rocket like the US space shuttle, the Soyuz capsule would either be crushed or sent into a spin for which it will never be able to position itself for a high speed reentry at 6000km/h.

Emergency escape at 6000 km/h: How near miss Soyuz rocket accident unfolded
Quote:123 seconds into the flight, the emergency escape system activates, and the capsule detaches itself from the rocket, and falls back down towards the ground on a severe ballistic trajectory.
Ovchinin and Hague are luckier that their failure occurred earlier. Reports say they suffer 6.7 g – worse than the driver of a Formula 1 car pressing hard on the brakes, but less than the maximum they were subjected to during their training at Star City.

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