Beijing unanimously passes sweeping national security law for Hong Kong
30-6-2020 11:43 AM
saffron said:
because it is dumb; just like you Rolling on the flor laughing

So you dared not even answer a dumb question?

You are dumber than dumb? Rolling on the flor laughing
These 3 resigned from the movement.. preparing to go underground?
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Today, no cure or vaccine for SARS (
CGTN & 新华网 said pple with Wuhan virus cured (
( Beijing used Steroids for SARS (, now used HIV drugs (

30-6-2020 5:55 AM
century said:


already said earlier....all the sanction against china & HK will be out 1 by 1....
likely tomorrow, you will see something from US again....
trump will deliver what he has said....eventually all the sanction against china will be out till china surrender?....
let see tomorrow HK protest & HK police starts...action & reaction will unfold....till the extreme....HK become Iran or china & HK become Iran eventually? just do it.... thumbs up

these are no jokes...about live & death of many people....young & lady....involve ccp, the number will be is nothing, just a number to ccp.....not only HK people affected, china & ton more....what have these people done wrong? just have different view & believe yet most HK people has the same thought as patient to watch the show...thumbs up
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong said on Tuesday he is stepping down as leader of his democracy group Demosisto, just hours after local media reported that Beijing had passed national security legislation for the Chinese-ruled city.
29-6-2020 11:06 PM
century said:

nice short video & full of humanity..... thumbs up

袁弓夷:天灭中共运动新进展 美跨党派支持定性中共为犯罪集团


once HK security law passes....sanction china will start.....
why sanction group by group...just sanction all almost 100 millions ccp members together....
then many do not want to get sanction will leave ccp...same to HK govt servants or individual or company or banks or .....
full of positive energy....unlike commie & useless dogs here...cunning & inhuman.....thumbs up

let see tomorrow HK protest....
US already removed HK special status the same as china, no more high tech equipment into HK, sanction top down to police force...many more to come including stop usage of USD, HKD peg, SWIFT or more patient....eventually RMB which tie to HKD, china property, china finance & economy, even ccp, also sanction of all ccp members...ton US can patient....nothing to shout about..... thumbs up


我一定返來同它鬥過....he knows he will be arrested if he goes back but when the time comes, he will has to do it...respect & salute to this old man with believe....
1.4 B china people may wake up....still have 6 B people outside china standing together with him....
tough time, history many life will be gone, ccp can only deal with chinese & asian?....
good that security law has passed.....let see when is the end of ccp.... thumbs up
alamak, 又是这位告洋状法龙共老匪。没有人才了吗?
What a joke 5 demands not 1 less cheo kau peng
Joshua run road first?

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30-6-2020 10:46 AM
CHAOS said:
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162 members of National People’s Congress Standing Committee back legislation, and all Hong Kong delegates to nation’s two top political bodies to attend session at liaison office on Tuesday afternoon. Law could come into effect on Wednesday.

Good !!!
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