Belle-Ville Pancake Cafe @ Bugis Junction
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Belle-Ville Pancake Cafe's first Singapore outpost at Bugis Junction (single corner unit located right across BHG department store since June 2018) is so cramped you will find yourself literally ducking elbows; quick eyeballing of affairs places this 25-seater no larger than 40 square metres. Still, countless hipster diners have been sold on its whimsically crafted, brilliant blue accented interiors where arched transom windows, beadboard paneling and jaunty foliage reign.

Established some six decades ago in Osaka, Japan, Belle-Ville originally served Omurice dishes until 9 years back - these days though it is best known for putting out "wobbly" millefeuille soufflé pancakes: risen layers meticulously sculpted on a round griddle (using fresh milk sourced from Sennan, whole eggs and premium wheat flour), then stacked atop one another before being further impregnated with preassigned combinations of fruit and Hokkaido fresh cream. Notably, glossy meringue peaks (separately folded into the batter) are whipped up only upon order, thus always ensuring airy, fluffy outcomes.

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I think it is not cheap.
yeah 14 bucks for 4 pieces sia.......
Good place to impress yr date
what if date don't like to eat pancake? Laughing Laughing Laughing
Dont eat pancake then post for what? You retarded?
Rating 6.4 nia.......means not nice lah
Pretty, but not delicious I guess......
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