Bill Gates defends Huawei says not realistic to stop China advancing in tech
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He also said the U.S.' paranoia against China is not good for tech innovation.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has denounced the paranoia in the United States against China.

Gates continued saying: “The rule that everything that comes from China is bad… that is one crazy approach to trying to take advantage of innovation.”

Also, citing Microsoft as an example, Gates said Huawei could provide governments with their source code and let them examine the system, thereby laying the officials’ doubts to rest.
according to the flg hjs here, he must be a commie is it?
HJs... can condemn Gates now. Welcome Laughing
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no no, please do not ask trump to accept china 5G. its not secure. Rolling on the flor laughing Rolling on the flor laughing
9-11-2019 10:06 PM
niubee said:
HJs... can condemn Gates now. Welcome Laughing

on the front people see as a chinese company behind the scene supported by many angmohs. i think so.
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