Bitcoin Price Passes This First Major Test Of 2020
[Image: 827884.jpeg]

Bitcoin just completed a daily surge of more than $400, marking $8580 as its current daily high. Yes, maybe when you’re reading these lines, the king of crypto already moved higher.
This is the highest level of Bitcoin in almost 2-month, since the 17 of November.

Total Market Cap: $226.7 billion

Bitcoin Market Cap: $154.6 billion

BTC Dominance Index: 68.2%
pump and dump started for 2020? Rolling on the flor laughing
imagine the sg guy who kena kidnapped in thailand, the family bot bitcoin to pay the ransom, when b4 they give bitcoin to the kidnapper, the price surge 100%,wonder how would they feel.... wah very sayang..

Laughing Laughing
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