Bus captain assaulted by man for some 12 mins after man was told to don mask
SBS Transit Ltd.

Another one of our Bus Captains was assaulted on board our bus yesterday - and this time it lasted a good 12 minutes.

And all this for what? The failure to don a mask.

The incident happened at about 2.45pm yesterday when a male commuter boarded Service 21 along Pasir Ris Drive 6. The man boarded without a mask and only put it on after. He then started to hurl vulgarities at our Bus Captain (BC) and this continued all the way for two more bus stops.

At the bus stop along Pasir Ris Drive 1 , in front of Blk 210, the bus remained stationary in anticipation of the arrival of the Police, who had been alerted to the commotion. It was here that the physical abuse began. The man grabbed the Bus Captain's neck and collar, holding on for more than a minute. He refused to let go even when our BC pleaded with him to do so. Our BC could be seen cowering with his arms shielding his face as the man started punching him repeatedly on the head. It was here that three young men who were at the bus stop rushed up the bus and tackled the assailant, dragging him out of the bus to the bus stop. They pinned him to the ground while awaiting the arrival of the Police, who came soon after. The man was later taken
away handcuffed by the Police.

Our BC has sought medical treatment at the Changi General Hospital and has been given three days of medical leave. We are thankful that he did not sustain any serious injuries. He is shaken but remains in good spirits.

We are especially grateful to the three Good Samaritans who gallantly stepped forward to help our BC. We would like to get in touch with them and would be grateful if they can contact us through our hotline at 1800-2872727 or via email at [email protected]

What happened yesterday is unfortunately not an incident in isolation. Several of our BCs have been abused in the last few months on account of enforcing the strict mask-up rule.

This is repugnant. And this must stop.


Tsing mat kau gaun tsae mun.
Please stand back from the doors!
The assailant should be charged and put into the institute of Mental Health.
Tomorrow will be better than Today
Police and the judge should be strict and punish such culprits!
Flogging. Because lives matter.
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Hope that guy get a very good sentence, max in jail and max in rotan!
Exercise a bit of common sense which i know sinkee has none. The other day while I was still eating a safe distance a.ss immediately called me to put on mask. DIU!
The bus driver never learn I-Ching to check the man's mood on that day. 058 新加坡有挺多Siao Lang.
More like the bus companies never learnt their lessons: They should have by now installed protective shield around the bus Drivers...k#@..put them at such risks....PUI !
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16-9-2020 6:34 PM
QE3 said:
The bus driver never learn I-Ching to check the man's mood on that day. 058 新加坡有挺多Siao Lang.

Siao Lang have a 'certificate' to do this...... Big smile Big smile Thinking Thinking Thinking
All the buses got money to install So many cameras around the bus BUT dun even to install shield for the drivers...is it no kakilang setup shield companies yet ? PUI !
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