CIA posing as reporter orchestrating the riots in HK arrested
Just taser him.
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=12507367]
2-9-2019 2:15 PM
sgbuffett said:
Do something wrong and underhanded...then blame others. That is method of communism.

If something good...take credit.

Under communist China people suffer until famine and poverty. Rest of world let them have GATT and WTO to elevate from poverty. When they rise, CCP claim all the credit for elevating Chinese people from poverty.
But actually it is Chinese people who elevate themselves from poverty despite the highly corrupted system ..The great Chinese people no matter where in the world if given slightest chance be it singapore, malaysia, indonesia, san franciso, ....they can do it...its not the CCP! Yet they claim is they who suppress the Chinese people for many decades until the rest of the world gave helping hand in form of GATT and WTO.

U also big mouth king
could be ahtiong disguised as amk to create troubles
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