CNN: No deal sealed with China could cause a recession in the US economy
13-6-2019 8:07 AM
theold said:
From the way Trump talks likely he will not go through with the rest of the products. Someone must have told him the impact to US economy... gone case.

He is laying the ground for a u-turn without looking like he was forced to do a u-turn?
[May with hormonal agitation

On May 19 last year, China and the United States reached a consensus not to engage in trade wars. Only 10 days later, the United States flagrantly violated its commitments and waved its tariff stick.

On May 5 this year, the United States resumed the tariff threat, which caused serious setbacks in bilateral negotiations. Despite the facts, some US politicians even labeled China as "retrogression" and "betrayal", accusing China of "breaking promises" and "backsliding".]

[Some politicians in the United States have done too much. The New York Times commented that the United States "has repeatedly agreed to new trade terms with other countries, but then talked about cancelling these agreements to achieve more goals".]

[The question posed by the commentator of Fortune magazine is thought-provoking: Even if the US wants to negotiate with China then, can the Chinese trust American politicians who say "China kills the United States" for a while and then We have a good relationship with China? Today, the world has a common feeling that the foundations of America's credibility building are being eroded by the disbelief of some politicians in Washington. In the long run, it will eventually be in jeopardy.]
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