2-4-2020 3:17 AM
Sinostar said:
That could explains the mysterious illness that infected our whole family after our holiday in Spain last December. There was cough and fever and we stopped going to work for a few week and fully recovered before CNY.

Citizen Power Game for Citizens to work together to Build a New Social System.
15 linked and 26 unlinked.

41 local cases.

All these Draconian measures and still 41 cases.... Just put on Mask4All lah.

Are we going to be complacent with the current measure? And live with 40++ local transmission s

1-4-2020 9:48 PM
milo178 said:

Worst Then my guesstimate of 24 unlinked case.

Cluster case also growing to 29.

Imported the least at 20.

Total 74

Why we should all wear mask.

No more excuse.

No more reasons.

Just do it .
Handing out the mask is just the beginning of the fight.

Now got to enforce it.

Drill it in to the people until it becomes a habit.

Once step out of house, it's maskOn.

This is the only way to fight the virus.

Yes, very good.

That’s y must MaskOn all the time.

We all must do our part.

Give the person without MaskOn a Nasty stare

31-3-2020 10:45 PM
jahtl said:
MRT trains & buses every day crowded during peak period. You think able to get the infected cases down to 0.
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