Canadian research council says CanSino injections have not been approved to be sent f
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Coronavirus: Chinese customs stalls vaccine shipment for trials in Canada

Health Canada said the vaccines were held up by China’s General Administration of Customs.

On Thursday, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) confirmed to the South China Morning Post that the customs administration had still not allowed the shipment to proceed.
this seems to indicate that the vaccine is effective.
there is no need foreign country to verify.
if apply to a few millions people and works, many countries will
want to get the vaccine.
1. Finding a vaccine that works is not so big of a deal....vaccines have been around since 100yrs ago.

2. Most important is ensuring safety and second mame sure it is effective to void false hope. to do like H1N1 when vaccine discovered whole world share and rollout fast. Unfortunately, people with common sense like Obama are no longer around. The 3 top leaders are now Trump, Xi and Putin...cannot work together.
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