Chee Hong and Fatty Lai panic now?
30-6-2020 12:06 AM
WhatDoYouThink said:
还希望啊? 还是在做梦啊?

FLG very powderful mah! Rolling on the flor laughing Rolling on the flor laughing Rolling on the flor laughing
They are beri Green. It is End of the road.
CDO becomes CDL.
It is still a pig.
[Image: dFQKapx.png]
Upper Theatre only 3 words: Globalisation, Depopulation and Decarbonization.
Peter Kling feverishly search Revelation in the Bible for clue while we wait Nethanyahu 's decision on West Bank.

[Image: d9rIsvX.png]

Meanwhile Iran tests Interpol. Found wanting.
[Image: L9qcLyS.png]
[Image: Jcs2biw.png]
And a yr's later the man of lawlessness sang lalakua in 2014.
Jordan Maxwell told us who Yaweh was:
First as the moon-god on mount Sinai and later as Volcano god.
[Image: vokcZe2.png]
And Nethanyahu revealled his God:
[Image: V0NFSYF.png]
[Image: rCkzQ55.png]
Light in Babylon
Ya Sahra

29-6-2020 11:06 PM
century said:

nice short video & full of humanity..... thumbs up

袁弓夷:天灭中共运动新进展 美跨党派支持定性中共为犯罪集团


once HK security law passes....sanction china will start.....
why sanction group by group...just sanction all almost 100 millions ccp members together....
then many do not want to get sanction will leave ccp...same to HK govt servants or individual or company or banks or .....
full of positive energy....unlike commie & useless dogs here...cunning & inhuman.....thumbs up


[Image: ZWEvbbm.png][Image: yvF14cN.png]
Demosisto members Nathan Law and Agnes Chow also said they were stepping down from the group.
Meanwhile Dmitry Orlov, a Russian reports what the troubles at the Repo meant.

And Kevin Mugur Galalae, a Romanian tells us abt Gobalization Depopulation and Decarbonization relate to Mask-on, social distancing and vaccine. Dr Katherine Houston gives us 5G X band as DEW undercover of 3G and 4G.
[Image: UtQ6I8o.png][Image: jKqev7G.png]

Symptom of the disease; Wirecard Boss arressted
[Image: GXt3Zmc.png]
[Image: xXdwewY.png]
We wait for Nethanyahu...
And we can once again "attend" church with Peter Kling presiding...

We saw in 13032013 a Man of Lawlessness becomes Pope.
We saw Pope sang lalakua. 2014.
We saw Religion stood on Capitol Hill and John Boehner cried.
30-6-2020 3:20 PM
century said:


not to affect others....「以个人身份继续抗争」....will continue to fight for HK & HK people....
没在怕的....unlike all commie hanjian dogs here....
about live & death....for their believe....value of their life in history book...... Rolling on the flor laughing thumbs up

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