Chee Hong and Fatty Lai panic now?
How come China Alanis so interest in sg now? The new swine flu make him think he is Singaporean now?
After the Repo fiasco, game up.
Opening up the US will be telling. US as corporation pays very little tax if at all. There are not much supplies US is producing going my taxes are falling hard.
[Image: xRIHpxn.png]
With Dola in the trillions and trillions and beri little supplies and foreigners moving away from the Dola, opening up the US is not for the faint of heart.
Ganging up against China is not an option. Most likely China needs to shout Boo! and wait for those willing to fight her. No show is fatal.
30-6-2020 7:16 AM
century said:


Q1 this yr, china reserved minus external debt is below US$1 trillion now.....minus foreign investment around US$700B, left less than US$280B to buy food, IC, also to defend any attack on currency.....this number is in danger now....
no money to import material, then no export, trade or order ....more bankrupt & job lost....
with current pandemic & conflict with all surrounding countries....HK issue...
any attack on HKD peg or RMB, not much can be used to defend now...
why worry for US debt....they can just print USD to pay back...can china print to payback USD debt??....
china internal & total debt is super gigantic & scary....some say is 560% of GDP, some say 850%?.....reality?...dont think can even pay interest now...sanction on china on the way?....ton move out their factory, investment & fund from china now?....
commie dog here can only use communist video to bark BS & nonsense....why dont they sell all their asset today & convert to RMB for 1-2 yrs?.....thumbs up Rolling on the flor laughing

30-6-2020 8:21 AM
century said:
china GDP is much smaller than US....
china M2 is almost 300% more than US, why china print so much $$? what is the intrinsic value of RMB?....down 300% to USD? USD1=RMB20?....that is why all commie dogs here sell all their asset now & convert to RMB? all these commie dogs here are not liars?..... thumbs up
[Image: qw2JRJb.png]
As for the above, the rest of the Gang needs China's mercy.
China says at this moment she only interesting in a few.
Let me thinK
Lai, wong, Barrister, Chan anymore.
30-6-2020 3:20 PM
century said:


not to affect others....「以个人身份继续抗争」....will continue to fight for HK & HK people....
没在怕的....unlike all commie hanjian dogs here....
about live & death....for their believe....value of their life in history book...... Rolling on the flor laughing thumbs up

[Image: Ebusv_1UcAA9E11?format=jpg&name=large]

1-7-2020 6:32 AM
century said:
香港民主派不畏港版国安法 计划继续举行7.1游行


不畏....this is HK about live & death to an evil empire....
HK people has to help themselves, then the world can help them....
together, fight for the world, freedom & humanity...... thumbs up
[Image: Rl1ma5J.jpg]

kena hantum jialat jialat even in tw. kena scolded tiunelomo some more. where else to go to?
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