China awards 4 licences for 5G rollout; Qualcomm to support; Trump how?
11-6-2019 2:49 PM
sclim said:
no know how much is true. most likely a mix of true and others.
for example china engineers stay and work late in office is practical. they save on transport and energy cost especially during winter. nothing to do with the reason cited.
world 4 major 5g are ericsson, nokia, huawei, zte hua wei is touted as fastest but how much check did they compromised is unknown. for example tcp versus udp has speed difference but they serve different purpose. so if the manufacturer compromise for speed. there may be a price to pay for.

Huawei is the only one that do both 5G network and 5G microwave technology. Others only do 1 of the two's.
What will Trump say? Very embarrassing!

Rolling on the flor laughing
What Mr Trump did is good in a different perspective : he will strengthen the Chinese people all over the world,.. China will NOW, in this era of history, has a chance to prove to the world that they (we) are the best !
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